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Sojourn at Dusk

This sprawling novel, set in the 1960s and the two ensuing decades, depicts a large group of hippies, anti-war activists and political radicals as they participate in the volcanic events of an era that changed the United States. From the major East Coast cities to Chicago, San Francisco, Texas, Wyoming, Kansas, Mexico and Peru, "Sojourn at Dusk" follows the peregrinations of its various characters and how they changed or didn't with the passage of time. The novel also chronicles the depredations of a multinational corporation and how that affects the lives of these people. From the opening flight of a leftist from the clutches of the FBI in 1950, to the police riot at the 1968 Chicago convention, to the attempts of Vietnam veterans to reconstruct their lives, this novel is imbued with the sense that though the 1960s and '70s were less the beginning that many thought than the beginning of an end, those years nonetheless displayed plenty of daring and courage and risks taken for unshakable convictions.