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Zone of Illusion

In this second volume of the series, "The Human Struggle," fighters attempt to stave off a reality collapse in a universe contiguous to earth's. The enemy, determined to extirpate humanity from this and all alternate realities, is sacking, burning, conquering and murdering his way through the cosmos, and now enemy storm troopers have found a doorway into earth and are filtering into our world. Fighters and the visionaries they work with, guardians, struggle to keep them at bay, while a lonely few of their number must journey far behind enemy lines to destroy the power which keeps humanity losing the war that has been fought off-world for millennia. From the first shot at the story's opening to the search for a guardian replaced by his doubles, to the white-hot fireballs with which angels destroy enemy commanders, "Zone of Illusion" portrays a non-stop sci-fi/fantasy war of the worlds.